Located at 2223 Oak Harbor Rd.  -   Fremont,  Ohio    43420


Company History


HOME Willis and Sons was started in 1956 by Russ Willis in the Fremont, Ohio area.  Russ started with a single axle dump truck and a front-end loader.

Russ's son Phil Willis joined the company in 1970 and Phil's son Mike Willis joined the company in 1987.  In 1975 Willis and Sons incorporated.

Both Phil and Mike currently manage the company. Our business has grown through the years and we have kept current with the ever-changing construction industry. We have also worked hard to keep our equipment updated to be competitive and efficient.   We have been a member of the Better Business Bureau for over 15 years and our business ethics are a priority.

Phil and Mike like to treat others with a Christian attitude and have strong family values. We look forward to the road(s) ahead.